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Health for All Medical Center is a primary healthcare center in Abu Dhabi that provides high-quality comprehensive healthcare services for everyone. We have been providing patient-centric personalized services thanks to the doctors in Al Dhafra that are highly valued by our patients since the beginning. Our dedication to offering excellent healthcare services to all of our patients distinguishes us from other health centers in Abu Dhabi.

We have a team of qualified doctors and physicians in Al Dhafra that have years of experience diagnosing and treating health problems. They will closely monitor each patient and deliver the appropriate treatments at the appropriate time. Every one of us values the individuality of our patients. We treat you like you are a member of our own family.

About Our Physician Al Dhafra

At Health for All Medical Center, we are committed to offering our patients top-notch medical care and attention. Our doctors have training in various areas and have dedicated themselves to giving the patients absolute care. They work closely with other healthcare specialists to ensure that our patients receive absolute care according to their particular needs. We make sure that our patients achieve and maintain good health and they are free to ask us any queries or worries they have in their mind. With Health for All Medical Center, you can be confident that you are in good and capable hands thanks to our medical staff.

Here are some of the features of Health for All Medical Center:

  1. Qualified and experienced healthcare providers – Our team has a set of qualified and experienced healthcare providers who have the necessary skills and training to provide high-quality medical care to patients.
  2. Latest facilities and equipment – our medical center is hygienic and has modern, well-maintained facilities for medical staff to take care of patients.
  3. Patient-focused approach – we prioritize the needs of patients and provide you with a patient-focused approach. For instance, we provide customized care for patients as per their care plans, patient privacy, and decision-making.
  4. Timely service – we provide timely service with efficient functioning and low waiting times.

Specialties and Services Offered

  1. General Medicine: We provide essential medical services such as check-ups, diagnosis, and treatment of all medical diseases, as well as preventative care services.
  2. Specialization – We offer specialized medical treatments, including obstetrics, dentistry, and internal medicine. Health experts with experience perform these services.
  3. Lab services – Health for All Medical Center gives you access to an on-site laboratory where you may receive a range of diagnostic services, including blood and urine testing as well as imaging services like X-rays and ultrasounds.
  4. Dental care services – We also offer dental care services, including examinations, cleanings, and other professional treatments for dental issues.

Want to know more? Feel free to call us at 02 886 8000.

To provide quality healthcare services to patients in a safe, efficient, and compassionate manner.
To be a leading provider of high-quality healthcare services in UAE.

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We are among the top healthcare service providers in Abu Dhabi, with state-of-the-art facilities and experienced medical professionals in every department.
Our objective is to provide high-quality treatment to all our patients in a warm and caring environment and promote the health of our society.