Medical Lab

Medical Laboratory in Al Dhafra Humans are confronted with a broad range of health issues throughout their lifetimes. Infectious diseases,... See More

General Dentistry

Dental Clinic in Al Dhafra Taking care of the teeth, gums and complete oral health is as important as taking care of the other parts of your body.... See More

General Medicine

Humans are prone to many diseases that are associated with their lifestyle. And it is crucial to identify those diseases and treat them at the... See More

Internal Medicine

Internal Medicine Doctor in Al Dhafra Internal organs in the human body are interconnected. So, a deep understanding of each of them and how they... See More


Skin Clinic Al Dhafra Skin, being the largest organ of our body has many functions to do. One of the main functions of the skin is protection. It... See More

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Gynaecology Hospital in Al Dhafra Women are gifted with the glory of bearing children and ushering a new generation into the world. However, there... See More

Pediatric Care

Pediatric Hospital in Al Dhafra Children and adolescents are in a growing period of their life and are vulnerable to a variety of health problems.... See More